What's A Car You Never Knew Existed?

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This is the world's only Aston Martin Lagonda Coupe. It is a stunning car, and until thirty minutes ago I didn't know it existed.

I've always fancied myself a Lagonda afficionado, having chased a white one across Manhattan for years, having seen the world's only Lagonda station wagon, and having chatted with the owner of the last Lagonda to come to the US.

But it was this morning when I happened to be looking over this list of cars penned by Tom Tjaarda that I saw an entry reading "1987: Aston Martin Lagonda Coupé." I'd never heard of this car before, and there was only one picture I could find of it. Naturally, it was posted on the ever-wonderful Tamerlane's Thoughts.


Still, I'm amazed I'd never heard of the thing. Has that eureka moment, that discovery of some obscure car you feel like you should have always known and loved ever happened to you? What was that car?

Photo Via Tamerlane's Thoughts