I'm On A Plane To South Africa To Test The Freaking Honda Africa Twin

You aren’t the only ones to think that Lanesplitter is the greatest thing since someone put street tires on a dirt bike. I’m currently on a plane to South Africa as part of a very small group of media who get to ride the bike before most of the world.


It feels it’s been forever since we were sharing teaser videos and discussing spec sheets, but it’s finally time to see if Honda can live up to all of their wild claims and promises. I’ll be gone until late Monday night, so look for a full review sometime later next week.

But, since I hate to leave you hanging, there are a few things you can do to keep up with the trip and to feed your Africa Twin appetites.

1) Watch this “choose your own adventure” Africa Twin video that Honda made. I’m sorry I missed it when this was released, because this video is actually awesome. Better late than never!

2) Watch this video review from the guys at Touratech, who got their hands on one early so they could make all sorts of hard bits for it. Keep in mind that these guys are obviously going to say nice things as they’re trying to sell product, but it still has some cool info and video.

3) Watch this onboard video of some guys riding them on a track. I don’t really understand the context this was done in or where the content it must accompany lives, but it’s a neat watch none the less.

4) Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and follow the Lanesplitter Facebook! I’ll try and answer as many questions/comments as I can, and will be posting (much to my actual friends dismay) from my travels.

5) I’ll have limited internet access, but leave your questions about the bike in the comments below and I’ll try and keep them in mind while I’m on it. I’ll check in as often as I can so as not to miss anything.

And, in case you missed it, here’s the bulk of our Africa Twin coverage so far.


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