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A high-performance turbine that powered the Tupolev Tu-95 Bear, the Tupolev Tu-114 airliner and the Antonov An-22 Anteus cargo lifter, the NK-12 was designed to run contra-rotating propellers and pumped out 14,800 seahorsepower. Now say, if Vladimir Putin were to bestow one of these fast-spinning behemoths upon you, what would you use it for? Would you retrofit your sailplane? Would you use build the world's most gonzoid go-kart? How about going for the land-speed airboat record in the Everglades? Oh, did we also mention that the NK-12 saw service in the Orlyonok ekranoplan? Yes, friends. We need one of these, and so do you. Now get to thinking.


Kuznetsov NK-12 [Wikipedia]

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