The first time we came to the 24 Hours Of LeMons South, we joked about the possibility of getting moonshine for LeMons Supreme Court bribes. No joke!

Judging from the quantity of Mason jars we get on the LeMons Supreme Court Bribe Table every time we come to South Carolina, it's easier to score Vitamin Pb-enhanced radiator juice than it is to get the revenoor-approved stuff. We got 8 different types, so it's time to risk a case of the Jake Leg and have a taste test!

Fruit-enhanced varieties seem to be quite popular for special occasions such as LeMons races; we've got raspberry, apple, and several types of peach here.


Squeezing a couple of whole peaches into the Mason jar adds a special something to the flavor.


Speaking of flavor, let's see what the LeMons HQ staff thinks.

Hmm... acetone with hints of compost.


And this sample gives the taster a pleasant starter-fluid finish. Get ready for the Jake Leg! To be honest, a couple of varieties taste pretty good, but we couldn't really bring ourselves to consume more than a few sips. Maybe after the LeMons Chili Cookoff we'll have later tonight!