It's 1971, you're jumping out of a plane with a white parachute strapped to your back somewhere near the Oregon border of Washington between the Green and Bald mountains. You've got a bag full of over $200,000 in cash. Your name is not D.B. Cooper or Dan Cooper, but everyone thinks it is. You and the cash survived the sub-zero jump, defying both common sense and gravity. The FBI assisted by a few hundred troops from Fort Lewis are hot on your trail. What's your getaway car?

If you think this is an insane hypothetical, we'd point out that a parachute similar to the one Cooper used was recovered near the suspected landing site this week. Assuming he didn't disintegrate, we're guessing he didn't walk out of Washington. Personally, we're fond of a 1970 Jaguar XKE in black with blacked out headlights and a leggy brunette flight attendant waiting in the passenger seat. Why? Because we're the muthafucka that just jumped out of a plane with $200K.


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