Every time car nerds scream out that they want a car (ex: rear-drive diesel wagon!) nobody ends up buying them (ex: BMW 328d wagon). Surely there must be some car that is such an enthusiast-only car that it would finally satisfy the lust of car nerds everywhere.

Of course, I come to this consclusion from a perhaps not-so-sympathetic comment from BrtStlnd on Jason's article proposing a bizarre roof treatment to a Jaguar designer.

Without reading the article, let me take a stab: You asked Jaguar to design a lightweight, cab-forward, RWD, diesel, 2 seater, mid-engined pickup truck with no A/C, manual windows and a single windscreen wiper called the XJT (!!!).

And he said 'No'.

Gamecat235 corrected him.

Triple windshield wiper. Not single. Sheesh.

BrtStlnd was not convinced.

THAT ADDS EXTRA WEIGHT. The passenger really doesn't need to see anyway.

Still, this has me wondering, what would the ultimate car nerd's car be like? What features would it have? What country would it come from? How many extra axles would it have? My best guess would be something like the Mega Track, but maybe it'd be more like this.


What do you think?

Photo Credit: Mega