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No matter what Lamborghini execs say about the company's plans, or lack thereof, to build a new SUV, the Photoshop artistes will inevitably keep on with their pasty selves. If it does exist some day, the successor to the LM002 "Rambo" Lambo likely won't be quite as batshit insane as the original V12-powered, Shiek-baiting supertruck. In fact, most think it'll be based on the Porsche Cayenne/Audi Q7/VW Touareg platform, though powered by a V10 and designed to look much more like the Gallardo. Something, perhaps, like this rendering of a prospective Lagartijo LM005 by Italian artist Andrea Rosati, featured in InfoMotori. Lagartijo, for the Spanish-challenged, means both "lizard" and, in Mexico, a "sharp dresser," a construction that's pitch perfect for a Lambo SUV. Then again, maybe we're better off not knowing.

Lamborghini LM005 Lagartijo [Info Motori via Autoblog]

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