If you haven't checked out the official Jalopnik Facebook page you've missed out on some great conversations, including this one we're importing for QOTD: What would a douchebag never drive?

Our Official Jalopnik Map of United States Vehicular Douchebaggery clearly lays out what D-bags drive and where, but we've never considered the inverse. What is the opposite of a douchebag ride? What vehicle is anathema to douchebaggery? It has to be unassuming, more go-than-show, and inviting.

We're big proponents of the 1985 Ford LTD LX. It's the beloved-as-anything-but-a-Mustang Ford Fox platform with the HO 5.0-liter Mustang V8 dressed up in the most unassuming trim imaginable. Even this modified version still mostly looks like a family sedan despite its performance prowess. We can't imagine a D-bag ever buying something so stealthy.

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Photo Credit: CarDomain