What Was The First Car You Really Wanted?

The car that really got me addicted was, of course, the new Fiat 128 my parents bought when I was 6; it sounded amazing going through the gears. However, I never thought "I must have one of these someday"

No, a couple years before I heard that Fiat SOHC, I decided that the Porsche 914 was the car I'd have when I grew up. The Martin family cars at the time were a '49 Cadillac and a '67 Ford Custom with three-on-the-floor, and most folks in 1970 Minneapolis were driving Caprices and Valiants… but those angular little VWs Porsches, in their weirdly acrid colors, really grabbed my attention. Later on, once I knew a few things about cars, I decided that I'd trade all the 914s in the world for a single Studebaker Avanti, but the 914 was the first. How about you?
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