What Was The Best Thing To Happen In The Automotive World In 2014?

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Ebola. ISIS. Domestic spying. Police brutality. North Korea's (Maybe?) hacking and total owning of a major international corporation. The fact that Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria and Don Lemon still have jobs. I think we can all agree 2014 was a horrible year for everyone, but in the car world, things were not so bad.


In fact, this was one of the better years in recent memory for gearheads. Cars are faster, more efficient, more high-tech and safer than they've ever been. We live in a golden age of speed and performance, maybe even the last great one before The Machines take our steering wheels away.

So let's look back on the things in our universe that didn't suck in 2014. What was the best thing to happen in cars this year?


Okay, neither of these cars are on sale until next year, but in 2014 I was extremely happy to see the next phase of Cadillac's high-performance V brand.

The ATS-V could be one of the better M3/M4 competitors around, and I think the CTS-V has a legitimate shot at being the best car in its segment. Even if you're some kind of die-hard American car hater, it's hard not to be excited by these machines.

Your turn. What went right in cars in 2014?

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