A big part of the motivation for building the 92-pound boombox was to do something with all the small car parts that have built up from 25 years of hanging out at junkyards. You know, you're at the junkyard to get something for a repair job and you spot some cool little gizmos you just want to take home with you, so in your toolbox they go. Here's an example of the sort of thing I'm talking about: several dozen door panel emblems from early '70s Chevy Impalas. During the late-80s/early-90s era, when I was doing a lot of wrenching-for-cash work requiring junkyard parts, the early '70s Impala was as common a junkyard find as 700-series Volvos are now. When I saw one I'd pry off an emblem or two. I saved all those emblems from the cruel jaws of The Crusher, but... what to do with them? Any suggestions for project madness using these things? I'm leaning toward using them on the Dekotora Econoline I keep threatening to build, but if anyone has a better idea I'm all ears.

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