What The Hell Is This?

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Spotted this ridiculous supervillian-style automobile traveling up Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn late last night, and I'm hoping somebody here can tell us more about it.

Based on the trailer taillights and "home-primed" paintwork, not to mention the unorthodox shape, I'm inclined to believe this is somebody's garage-built one-off.

I tried to get an image of the front as well, but the cab I was riding in naturally picked that moment to charge a yellow light and the result was somewhat unsatisfactory. Here it is nonetheless:


Headlights looked very MINIish in person, and the grille was reminiscent of an MGA. The rear seats faced backwards and a total of four people appeared to be sitting rather uncomfortably in the cabin.

From my vantage point in the back seat of a late-model Nissan Altima, the heads of the car's passengers were about two feet lower than mine. I couldn't make out any discernible engine note over the diesel bus belching ahead of us.


Can you shed light on this mystery machine?