One of our readers ran into a Volkswagen up! in Alaska, and while that's already a rare sight in America, it was accompanied by a second car under heavy camouflage doing low temperature testing. But what the hell is it?

The camouflaging team did a great job, because I can't tell at all. The up!, which was also there, has four doors just like the cross up! and numerous up concepts from before. Still, I believe that must be the e-up!, Volkswagen's first electric production car. That better be ready by now as the first customer cars are due for delivery early next year. Tell me if I'm wrong.

The other prototype is harder to guess. It's certainly not a Polo, nor Volkswagen's future budget car. It must be some sort of upcoming up! variant then, with a different enough body to justify all this makeup.

What they ended up with looks like a Ford Fiesta rear-ended by a Fiat Punto.

What's your guess?

Hat tip to Henry Wilton!