What’s The Most Dangerous Car You’ve Ever Owned?

We know that old cars were built like high-speed tin cans filled with explosives, but which one was the most dangerous of all?

Today we professed our love for crappy cars thanks to a ride in a Ford Pinto. Reader token_liberal felt that our description of the Pinto as unsafe was unfair. Tons of old cars were killing machines.


You want a real death trap? Then go for an early Mustang. What looks like the floor of the trunk is the top of the gas tank. Or you could go for any old pickup where the gas tank was right behind the seat. Pintos were singled out for a design that a lot of old cars had.

We know that every individual old car is different, even across the same make, model, and model year, so we're going to ask what's the most dangerous old car you yourself have ever owned?

Photo Credit: NHTSA

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