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Today we saw a gorgeous V8lvo 740 wagon sporting an LT1. Wait, this car looks very familiar!


Reader Internal_Err0r was the first to spot the similarities.



Same car, right?


It sure looks like the exact same car to us. Has it been on sale for nearly three years with minimal changes and a drop of $2,600 in price?

Leaving the mystery of this particular V8lvo aside, what's the longest you've ever seen a car for sale? There was a Dodge Omni up in Arcata, CA on Craigslist for months, dropping $100 every few weeks until it disappeared.

When I was growing up, I remember a yellow '73 Firebird across town that seemed to have a "For Sale" sign in the window for years, but surely you've seen something worse online or in your town.

Photo Credit: Atlanta Craigslist

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