They liked trains.

I traveled to a Cars & Coffee event in Greensboro, North Carolina today and it was good and fun and great. I also happened to grab some photos. Did you go to a Cars & Coffee this weekend? Last weekend? Whenever? Whatever? Show us your photos.

I woke up bright and early to get to Greensboro Cars And Coffee by 8 a.m., and luckily there was a gorgeous view of the sunrise on the desolate highway to keep me awake.

Sunrises aside, I also took some pictures of cars. Here are mine, captioned, and please share yours in the comments below. Don’t email me them unless you really, really want to.


Cars & Coffee, your garage, the mall; wherever you went, if you’ve got pictures, share ‘em!

Hello Opponaut Jack Does Cars
One’s an innie, one’s an outie.
Respect Your Elders
“It’s good to see you still get around after all these years.” “Yea, you too.”
We get it, you vape.
“Woodstock Pot” it says. They sold pottery. Not a joke.
#eurofresh #GTI #HyundaiRimz?
Jack was sad the window was a bust, as was I
“Have you seen the Lambos yet?” x3
My humps.
“Fuel Slut.” Same.
Fun fact: I saw this same car (I think) at last year’s Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance.

Also, we stumbled upon a running Audi Allroad Quattro with a manual, just parked on the street all casual:

So that was neat.

Let’s see what you’ve got.

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