What Racing Series Has The Most Spectacular Crashes?

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We watch automotive racing for the fender-rubbing excitement, not the fender-benders. However, advances in safety have made the threat of crashing less severe and increases in speed have made them more dramatic. What racing series has the most spectacular crashes?


Can you top World Rally Championship for flat out destructive excitement? Not only are rally cars so safe few drivers rarely injure themselves seriously, but the accidents occur while doing 10-foot jumps over hills on the sides of mountains in Kilimanjaro or on the ice-covered back roads of Norway. They're spectacular rolling feats of body-shredding glory that, more often than not, end with someone walking out of the car and cursing in Swedish.

If you're going to top WRC, or pick a different rally series or moment, please include videos or photos for proof.


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Jeez. I made a comment below about NASCAR, and then saw my avatar.

The Paris Dakar (RIP alas) had all the ingredients: high speeds, no roads... and camels.