Wafting around Los Angeles for a week in the Cyber Barge (née Lexus LS600h L) was an eye opening experience. For one, I was never told once by any passenger to, "Slow down!" as so often is the case in my WRX. This is especially shocking as the big Lexus is (sob) faster to 60 mph than my personal whip. Additionally, for the first time in recorded history I was much more interested in a vehicle's backseat than its front. Mental note: next time hire a driver. Ultimately, I was shocked by how much I liked the car. The filthy rich might really be onto something. However, I was left with the nagging feeling that the LS600h L just wasn't enough. I desired more. Where, for instance, was the caviar dispenser? Or the PA system so I could shout insults at poor people? (the Maybach 62 actually has the latter) My point? I want a long wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom. You?