What Is This Car And Why Is It Pulled Over?

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It looks like a vintage Ferrari F1 car, right? It's not. It's also been pulled over by some undercover NYC cops.


We've seen this guy pootling around in this thing down in SoHo before, but my very own mother spotted it in Uptown Manhattan. She didn't realize why the owner was just sitting there letting his picture get taken, but then she noticed the undercover cops behind him.

Why do you think he was pulled over? And what kind of replica is this?

UPDATE: It turns out this a genuine drivable miniature of the 1952 Ferrari F2, bought by millionaire clothing exec Marco Srour and modified an adult rather than a child. The car is just six feet long, still has its 1952 Fat Topolino engine (though updated with period Abarth performance modifications) and was for years the only road legal miniature car on the East Coast.

It might seem like a wannabe at first, but it's a very impressive machine.

Wired has a full write-up right here with many more pictures.

Photo Credit: My Mom



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