How Do You Sell A Busted Car?

I have a 10-year-old car that just up and died as I was driving to work. My mechanic says the repair could be a few thousand and that isn’t worth it for me. I just bought a new car, so I have to get rid of my old one. Selling a working car is pretty straight forward, but how do you go about selling one that is no longer running?

Normally this is where I attempt to deliver some reasonable advice and answer the reader’s question. But I have no experience with selling a non-running car.


However, I bet plenty of you Jalops have some tips for our friend who has to get rid of his old ride without dumping money into repairs. Since we have the best car community on the web and the power of the Kinja BlogSystem, I’m going to turn this one over to you.

So jump on into the comments and tell us what is the best way to sell a car that no longer works.

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