What Is A Russian Bomber Doing Near California?

Unless you're worried about China, the Red Dawn days are pretty much over. Still, for anyone who was alive during the Reagan years, the thought of a Russian bomber swooping within 100 miles of California is a bit disconcerting.


This YouTube video purports to be footage of a Russian Air Force Tu-22M Backfire, which the poster says was spotted on Aug. 27 from an Alaska Airlines flight headed from Sacramento to Hawaii. However, The Aviationist suspects foul (fake video) play.

What do you think, is this real? And if so, should we care? Sound off in Kinja! Either way, it would be interesting to see anything so close to a passenger jet if you were on it. Normally, all you see is maaaaybe another jet flying by really far away. Also, China's air force might get a few of these planes, so if the non-punk out modern version of Red Dawn, y'know, comes true, this could be a common sight from the steps of the California State Capitol.


This is NOT fake. Everyone claiming that this is fake doesn't know what they are talking about. I've been there man, I've seen some shit man. They want you to think it's not them, they want you to think that everything is all hunkey dorey but it isn't. The greatest invasion the world will ever see is going to happen and we aren't even remotely prepared for it. Canada will strike, and when they do, it will be world-ending.

They've been buying soviet technology for decades now. It started innocent, mainly fur hats, but now its jet planes, atomic weaponry, and crushingly bitter cold. You're not going to believe me, I know you won't. You're too busy playing with your evel knievel action figures and your Atari gaming systems to care about the fate of the world. Mark my words, red dawns lead to dog day afternoons, which lead to something else. Like a Canadian invasion.