What in the World: Finalists Named in World Car of the Year

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The "Gang of 46" (actually, no one calls them that, it just sounds cool) of the world's car writers has announced the finalists for 2006 World Car of the Year, culled from an initial list of 27 vehicles. In typical egalitarian style, the group's chosen vehicles run the gamut from econoboxes to luxury flagship sedans and SUVs. The winner will be announced at the New York Auto Show in April (represent!), along with specific picks for performance, design and greeness. One surprise: The Suzuki Swift made the list; Not so much: The Fiat Grande Punto didn't. [Click through for the list.]

· BMW 3-Series
· Honda Civic / Civic Hybrid
· Land Rover Range Rover Sport
· Lexus IS
· Mazda MX-5
· Mercedes-Benz M-Class
· Mercedes-Benz S-Class
· Porsche Cayman S
· Suzuki Swift
· Volkswagen Passat

It s Official: Ferrari F430 is Jalopnik s Car of the Year [internal]

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