What in the Name of Ferrucio? The Lamborghini Alar 777

When we were a junior-high-aged Jalopnik, a teacher of ours said that if we could identify every reference in Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" by the next morning, we would be free from certain homework assignments for the rest of the year. We accomplished this feat. (Bear in mind that this was in the days before we had the internet on either side of our head.) And she went back on the deal, assumedly not to encourage a young Jalopnik's smart-assiness. The license plate on her Le Baron convertible read "ALON," which was her first name spelled backwards. We then started refering to her as "Alar" behind her back — an agricultural product shown to cause tumors in laboratory mice. We think this Diablo-based custom Lamborghini would cause tumors in both rodents and K Cars alike. Autoblog's got the specifics. We're going for the Kaopectate.

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