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McLaren’s Design Director Frank Stephenson believes the future holds shapeshifting chameleon cars and robots that can teach their drivers how to drive on a track without killing themselves.

Car companies usually only talk about what’s coming in the five years or so, but designers have to be looking at the future of the car industry from a wider perspective.


In Blackbird’s ‘Ten Years Later’ movie, Frank Stephenson talks about the possibility of nuclear-powered cars following the principle of submarines, hydrogen as a more likely solution that’s already here and how above all, he believes the cars will ‘stay on the ground with four wheels, forever’.

Stephenson also mentions shapeshifting metals as the next logical step following active aerodynamics, color-changing bodies at a push of a button and interiors that will entertain us better than ever.

Interesting to say the least, but for now, I just want that 562hp rear-wheel drive thing Robert Melville came up with under his guidance.

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