What Hath Thor Wrought: A Tuned Alfa Romeo 90 in Sweden

We're not sure what stars aligned or what manner of motoring retrospective was on the Beeb this past weekend, but we got not one but two tips related to the mid-1980s Alfa Romeo 90. The 90, as Europeans may recall, was the Bertone-designed replacement for the Alfetta, offered with a contralto-voiced 2.5-liter V6 that could be tweaked toward monsterous performance. In the above video, a Swedish-tuned 90 defeats all comers, while this gallery presents the 90 in all of its sleeper-worthy glory. Ah, the glory days of innocuous sedanage. [Thanks to April and Mateo.]

And You Thought the Brera Was Hot: Vintage Alfa Deliciousness [internal]


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