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What Happens When Your Country Relies On Public Transportation

Here at Jalopnik we're all for society's sheep using public transportation, but it does have its downsides. For example, in London right now there's a tube strike, forcing a city of effete train-taking commuters onto the roads.

London already has horrible traffic, the byproduct of living in a city designed before cars. On the occasional day where I had to drive a press car instead of a bicycle or motorcycle from my home in Ladbroke Grove to my office in Clerkenwell I could expect the four-mile trip to take at least two hours. I once did it in five-minutes flat on a GSX-R1000.


With the tube strike, all but three of the city's underground lines are closed, cutting off the only way non-daredevil commuters have to get from A to B. We're not quite as extreme as Michael Moore in our enthusiasm for increased public transportation in the US, but we hope to some day see it somewhere outside of Manhattan. We just hope that as it develops, we don't put all our eggs in one basket like London has. [via The Guardian]

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Bloody hell! At that point, I'd rather be walking! Probably take a carton full of wet naps and a change of clothes with me and sleep at the office!