A number of hoons visiting Croatia equipped with a Zastava asked two questions: what happens when you drive through a cornfield? What happens when you plow into a lake at speed?


Long story short, it doesn't end well for the little Fiat 128 clone. Here's the caption left by the video uploader on LiveLeak.

Back over 10 years ago I went to Croatia for a bit and bought a car with some buddies. Just found the video again and thought I would share. Below are some highlights of us beating it to hell and eventually me driving it into a lake. We broke out the windshield so I could get out quickly. Safety first!

Yes, it was dumb. Yes, it was unnecessarily dangerous. Yes, we ruined some poor farmer's cornfield. Yes, I polluted the lake. And yes, it was fun as shit.

Definite minus points for polluting that lake, but bonus points for car destruction and for busting that window. Safety first, indeed.

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