What Happened To This Poor Little Pontiac Perched So Precariously?

Driving slick, icy roads in winter can definitely be dangerous, as evidenced by this Pontiac Vibe sitting squarely upon a rock. How did it get there? And what went wrong?

Reader Jason, who sent this in, saw the crash site:

This was taken today at 3:45 pm or so on a small dirt road in Putnam County just an hour north of the NYC. From the skid marks in the snow covered road, it looked like the driver simply lost control and ended up on the rock. Clearly, the Pontiac Vibe is a well balanced car.

Sorry for the bad photo, I didn't want to upset the state troopers or the driver.


Now, is it completely and totally plausible this is entirely a case of winter driving gone wrong?


But that's boring. Can anybody make up a better story of how it ended up there? Deposited by an alien craft? Bird-spotting gone wrong? Impromptu rally special stage?

Tell us your best story in the comments below!

The grand prize for the most entertaining yarn is that I will be very polite and might even say "thank you."


You're welcome.

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