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What Happened To The 650 Horsepower Porsche 911 RS Drift Car?

It's easy to forget that a few years ago, there was one possibly-insane human being who turned an air-cooled Porsche 993 RS into a twin turbo, 650 horsepower GT2 clone drift car.


That madman is Tyler McQuarrie, who is still in Formula Drift campaigning a Chevy Camaro . As for the 993, friend of Jalopnik jbh pointed out that it was for sale back in 2011 for no less than $125,000.


I would assume that the car was bought and converted to road racing trim, but if you know this car's whereabouts, let us know in Kinja below, or email me at raphael at jalopnik dot com.

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There was a a guy (Somogyi Krisztian) that was building a drift car out of a Ferrari 550 Maranello, check Driftworks forums , it was the most popular thread there.