What Do You Want To Know About The Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT?

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I've somehow conned Aston Martin into believing I'm a legitimate individual. As such, they are allowing me to commandeer a V8 Vantage GT for the weekend. What do you want to know?


As you can see, it's the choice color combo (green with yellow lipstick) and has the six speed. None of this flappy paddle nonsense.

The Vantage GT will be my steed to get to this weekend's endurance racing extravaganza with AER at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Wanna check out the Aston/see some racing? Come to NJMP Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We're running starting at 9 AM all three days.

I may or may not have Jalopnik stickers with me...

Ok, I do. Come say hi!

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