​What Do You Want To Ask Elon Musk During His Reddit AMA Tonight?

You've got questions. Elon Musk has answers. And tonight, the co-founder of Tesla, CEO of Space X, and the closest thing we've got to Thomas Edison-Henry Ford-Da Vinci hybrid is taking to Reddit tonight at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT for an Ask Me Anything session. What do you want to know?


While Musk is going to be concentrated on the next Space X launch, you could hask him how much the Roadster update is going to cost. Or what does he think about the team working on the Hyperloop? Or how does he envision the Model 3 taking the world by storm? Sign up for a Reddit account and you can ask all that and more.

But before Musk takes to Reddit, let's spitball some questions.

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