Like many of our readers, I have the full set of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond inflatable Platonic Companionship Dolls that I talk to quite often. We’ve discussed it, and we’re all very excited for the premiere of The Grand Tour this Friday. The show seems like it could be exactly what we want out of a car show—but what, exactly, is that?

It’s trickier than you think, figuring out what makes a great car show. There’s more to it than merely cars. The right people, the right tone, the right writing, the stories being told, what you do with the cars,and don’t do—there’s really a lot there.

Personally, I’ve always been fond of old Top Gear’s crazy build competitions and the long, difficult trips in the wrong cars. I like car shows that skirt the edge of fiasco, where the people involved are having both the best and worst times of their lives. In my small way, that’s what I’ve tried to do with Jason Drives.

There’s so many other good things for a car show: car comparisons, in-depth explainers, insane experiments, restorations, racing challenges, and so much more.

And that’s not even getting to the tone: irreverent, straightforward, intense, flip, whatever.


So what I want to know, before The Grand Tour actually starts and colors all of our thoughts, what would be an ideal car show for you? What elements would it have, who or how would it be hosted, what kinds of things would you want to see?

What would actually make you sit your ass down and watch, and not just at work when you don’t think anyone is looking?

I’m curious. This should be good.