What Do You Do With Two Garbooned Alfetta Engines?

Anyone who followed our coverage of the Altamont 24 Hours of LeMons race in October knows that we really, really enjoyed seeing a 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta participating in the race. And not just participating, but contending... well, until a blown head gasket sidelined the car. So we were overjoyed to find that the California Mille Alfetta was here at Thunderhill, with another Alfetta on the track as well. Two Alfettas! We must be living right! Unfortunately, within a couple hours of the starting gun, both cars had dead engines: one busted oil pump drive, one thrown rod. Naturally, the two teams got together to make one good car...


Here's an Alfa engine- looks fine from here!

Oh... hold on... is that hole supposed to be there?


So these guys are going to pull both engines, build a good one out of the parts, and put it in the best chassis. We're not sure which one that is, since everyone was in too much of a wrenching frenzy to chat much to us. This is why we love this race so much!

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