What Do You Do If Your Engine Is Seized?

Once the damage is done, you shouldn’t try to force it turn over, that’s for sure. Instead, here’s Hot Rod Garage showing you how to find out what went wrong under those valve covers.

There can be numerous reasons behind an engine not turning over, and it’s not necessarily the end of the world, but you’re more likely to end up with this problem if you’re dealing with a car that’s been sitting for ages. Unless you’re really lucky.


The best thing to do is get that engine out. There are quite a few things you can do even if it’s left in the engine bay, but if the issue is more serious, you’ll have to take it out anyway. Then, you check those magnets in the oil pan, and if there’s metal on them, well, just keep going...

Hey, it could be worse!

Photo credit: Hot Rod Garage

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