What Could Heads-Up Displays Do For Trucks?

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Land Rover came up with a wicked Heads-Up Display application with their "transparent hood" concept, but I think this technology has even more truck-specific potential. How could an HUD help trucks manage cargo, tow, go off-roading and do everything else we love trucks for?

I'm evaluating a 2014 BMW X5 this week, and experiencing an HUD for the first time. I was on the fence about how useful the same information six inches above where it's already available would really be, but I retract my previous skepticism. Having speed (and the legal limit), driving directions, status of accessories, and warnings into the windshield is immensely helpful in normal driving and I think we'll be reading a lot more of our gauges on glass in the future.


But now it's your turn. Tell us what information you think drivers of trucks large and small could use on their windshield, as a supplement or in addition to what's already on the dash.

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