After seeing a firetruck doing a burnout yesterday and a rare television repair van earlier today, we started thinking more about the world of commercial vehicles and how much fun they can be.

Older vehicles built for commercial use are usually too large, specialized or abused for most people to own. What if these factors didn't come into consideration and you could purchase any vehicle built for the working world? What commercial vehicle would you buy for fun?

Given the chance I would definitely buy a snub nose Divco delivery truck. Although I am too young to have any recollection of seeing the classic delivery trucks in action, I've seen enough in junkyards over the years to know I'd love to have one. Sure, I have no practical purpose for owning one, but the idea of cruising around on a sunny day with the folding door open sounds like a lot of fun.

What commercial vehicle would you buy for fun?

Photo Credit: zappowbang