What Car Would You Lose Your Job Over?

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The ZR1-thrashing security guard is definitely fired, but maybe for a guy making $10-an-hour it was worth it. What car would you lose your job over?


This hits a little close to home given how this is a real possibility in our profession, but give we actualy do get to drive ZR1s it's going to have to be something extra awesome. Personally, I'd take a Bugatti 57SC Atlantic and drive the hell out of it. It's a classic piece of motoring history, totally gorgeous, and a Bugatti that's pure passion instead of pure technology. Also, there are only two in the world and they're the most expensive cars in existence, worth $30 to $40 million each. If I'm going out, I'm going out big, because keeping my job at Jalopnik is maybe worth about $20-30 million in real dollars, but probably not $40 million.

What about you? How much is your job worth and what car is worth losing it over?

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If you work for a large enough corporation, you might as well go big or go home. The possibilities are limitless.