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The ol' ball-and-chain is gone and now you're free to do whatever you want since the papers are signed. Eat a chocolate cake in bed? Who's gonna stop ya? Leather skinny jeans? Yeah, why not? And finally, it's time to upgrade that "sensible" ride you were goaded into 15 years ago.

Divorce can either be a clean break or a nasty, drawn-out fight, but once both parties are separated it no doubt opens up new avenues that were closed off during the marriage.


Unless they're overwhelmed with alimony payments or other expenses, the first stop for a fresh divorcee is the car dealership, perhaps to trade in that sundae-stained minivan or the on-its-last-legs Taurus.

My first thought for the newly single would be an obnoxious, expensive convertible that's all looks and no go. Like the Lexus SC430. What say you?

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