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After reading our stories about the backlash from Vampire Weekend torching some Saabs like a pile of leaves, my buddy Shaun emailed me to say that he would much rather they had set fire to a couple of Acura RSX-es instead.


He used to own an Integra, so he’s pretty adamant in his hate for its successor. “To me it represents the moment I realized Honda was changing for the boring. They replaced my sleek Integra with this strut-suspended, pudgy, aspirationally upscale piece of crap with a cable shifter? Yeah, it’s a tempting target.”


Ultimately, though, he said he’d go with the Ford Explorer, since it did so much to popularize SUVs back in the 1990s. The Explorer sold like hot cakes and everything got bigger in its wake.

This brings us to our question this weekend: What car should Vampire Weekend burned instead of the Saabs?

I mentioned this in my story about Vampire Weekend’s apology and I stand by what I said: Saturn. At the end of the day, no one really gives a shit about Saturn. Had they burned a couple of early 90s Saturn sedans or coupes there would have been absolutely zero backlash to the video. Also, it would have been cool to watch the plastic panels burn.


Your turn. What car would you like to see immolated by this Brooklyn indie outfit? And no, you can’t say the Prius. That’s too easy.

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