What car-related stocking stuffer do you NOT want?

Everyone knows you're into cars, right? So everyone's going to stock your stuffings (er, yeah) with car-related doodads, gewgaws and flabidybloo. Sadly, much of that stuff will be lame (but thanks for the thought!). What car-related stocking stuffer do you NOT want?

You'd rather drop dead wearing a pirate's hat at a Jimmy Buffett concert than put on a pair of lame driving gloves, wouldn't you? And yet, someone out there with good intentions will say to themselves, "Jimmy loves his car. Let's get him a pair of those nice, knuckleless gloves for his car trips." Or maybe they won't and we're being overly sensitive to the possibility of unwrapping a box and seeing the dorkiest apparel ever designed for the driving enthusiast. Our bad.


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