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What car is the black sheep of the family?

Illustration for article titled What car is the black sheep of the family?

Carmakers usually try to stay on point when it comes to their brand. But sometimes, an odd car sneaks in, and you wonder who approved it, for good or bad. What car is the black sheep of the family?


No doubt you're heard of the Buick GNX, the monster, Garrett turbocharged McLaren Performance Technologies/ASC Regal that shot a hole right through the malaise era like a 70mm can. Of course, it sort of fit in with the lesser Grand National and T-Type Regals, but not at all with the rest of the company's line. Poor black sheep GNX. What others are there?

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Milli Vanilli Ice Bucket Challenge

MR2 Spyder. The MkII purists don't like them, the Miata owners don't get them, and the mechanics don't like to work on them. I love mine though, more for me!