High school bullies. They come in all shapes and sizes (though usually large), of all social strata and all car-cultural species. Some follow the ratty-muscle-car or lifted-pickup stereotypes, others follow none. What car did your high school's bully drive?

In my tiny, NYC-suburb high school, the major bullies (at least among us townies) were the Emanuele brothers. Word on the street was they were eighth-degree-black-belted karate experts, so even though they were about 5'4" each, they cast a tall shadow. I don't remember a single person who wasn't afraid of those two. I don't remember any specific incidents, but once, on the middle-school lunch line, I gave the younger Emanuele brother a dollar just because he asked. He even said thanks. If memory serves, the older one drove a '80 Oldsmobile Cutlass.


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