What Are You Thankful For?

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Thanksgiving's tomorrow and we here at Jalopnik are thankful for a lot of things. Family, friends and good food all hit high up on that list. But there's two things that top the list and the first is you. Yes, that's right, you. Not to get overly sentimental, because that's not how we roll, but we're thankful you keep coming back and reading the silliness we plop down on a daily basis. We appreciate it more than you'll probably ever know. But anyway, while the site will be taking the day off tomorrow to let all of us watch the Detroit Lions lose (three cheers for no blackout here in Detroit! Or actually, three jeers depending on how you look at it...) and eat turkey until the tryptophan knocks us out for the count, we want to hear in the comments what you're most thankful for. Do that right after you hit the jump to find out that other thing we're really thankful for.

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Right under you guys, we're mostly thankful for cheap-ass gas thanks to the Carpocalypse. Especially since we'll be driving this all weekend. Gobble! Gobble! High Horsepower SUV! Gobble!

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Jeff Glucker

Ray Wert is thankful I didn't say hi when I saw him in the early morning of Day 2 of the LA Auro show.

Logan Wert is thankfulhe is named Logan and not Ray.

I am thankful Ray may laugh at this.

I'm also thankful I get to go to Paso Robles this weekend with my wife, two dogs and a huge car where gas wullbe reimbursed.

Also I love all of you... Even Rican 5.0

Be excellent to each other.