What are the coolest wheels of all time?

What would a car be without the metal things on which the tires go? It'd be a sled. In the long history of cool cars, wheel styles have come and gone. What are the coolest wheels of all time?

I'm going with Minilites, and I'll tell you why. Created in the 1960s as a strong, lightweight wheel for racing and rallying, the magnesium-cast Minilites were first slapped on the Austin Mini. Soon, they'd be found on serious race and rally cars of other makes, including a similarly iconic model from Stuttgart. They were functional — the design forced air directly across the brake surfaces for cooling — and they were badass. Now they're CNC machined out of aluminium alloy, and they even look good on Corvettes. Argue away.


(Photo from The Chicane Blog.)

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