ANA, easily the best flight I've ever been on. The plane was practically still wrapped it was so new. Plenty of legroom, amazing, attractive and super friendly/attentive stewardesses and all the drinks, tea, hagen daas ice cream you can inhale. They constantly come around with hot towels and every seat had an amazing entertainment system with on demand movies, music channels, TV shows and the best part: ON DEMAND VIDEO GAMES!! You heard me right, in coach, your "TV" remote doubles as a controller and you can choose from tons of familiar games and even cooler, play games vs other people on the same flight as you regardless of where you/they are sitting.

This is the meal they serve you, and without exaggeration it was one of the best meals I had on my 2 week trip to Tokyo:


Even if it costs double what a United flight does (which it doesn't, in fact is usually the same price) I would pay it to fly with them again. By hour 12 of an international flight every little comfort extended to you makes a MASSIVE difference.

Which Airline Has The Best Coach?

A lot of airlines tout just how excellent their first class seating is, but there's a problem. Not all of us are the glitterati that can afford to sit in first class. What airline has the best coach for us plebes?

Airlines have made strides in recent years to improve the quality of their economy seating. Seats have gotten wider, TVs have hit seatbacks, there's even WiFi and sometimes, if you're lucky, extra legroom available.


So, which airline is leading the way and has the best economy class ticket money can buy? And why is it so good?

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