What About The Local Beverages?

We get a lot of alcohol-based bribes at the 24 Hours of LeMons, but the folks here in the South take that tradition to a level we don't see in, say, New England or Texas.


The official "LeMons South Spring Veteran" patch shows a moonshine jug, and there was some concern that good Southerners might see that as offensive stereotyping. We stopped worrying about that, however, when the Mason jars and unlabeled flasks started showing up in the bribes. We're thinking of pouring some of this stuff in the gas tanks of racin' miscreants in the Penalty Box, because- no offense- most of it seems more fuel-like than beverage-esque.

But it's pretty hard to resist taking a little swig of gen-yoo-wine Tunachuckers Triple-Row Radiator Distilled Apple Pie apple brandy (now with Vitamin Pb!), which actually tastes pretty good.

Be sure to check out the live streaming video of the race, and I'll try to provide some standings updates later this afternoon.

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