Driving fast is fun when done responsibly. It's not fun when done poorly on a twisting back road. Watch this driver learn a pricey lesson about understeer. In the words of G.O.B., he made a huge mistake.

The driver, who goes by CarbahnM3 on YouTube, seems to like driving his M3 rather quickly. In another video, which is a tribute to his car, he says it "died doing what it was engineered and built to do."


It wasn't engineered to be overpowered into a corner and then plow straight off a cliff. It was engineered to have skilled hands take it to some twisty backroads or onto a track and then driven home under its own power, not on a flatbed with airbags deployed. Luckily, those airbags saved the driver from what could have been a tragic crash.

This lovely E46 M3 died unnecessarily. Here's a tip: Stop crossing double yellows and driving like a mad man on a back road you don't know. It's better to go slower and, y'know, have the car survive.


Hat Tip to @SpeedSportLife!