What a 1920s Bugatti Veyron would look like

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I took this photo of an unpainted Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport and its 8-liter W16 engine at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show with my father’s old Minolta XD-7 camera on Kodak’s T-MAX P3200 film, a black and white negative developed for extreme low light. A contemporary motor show with its profusion of high-power spot lights is, of course, the antithesis of extreme low light, but combined with the T-MAX, I got an image which reminds me of those old black and white photos from Bugatti’s original, lightweight heyday. Of spindly blue magnesium cars racing under the Mediterranean sun, under a blue sky never captured on film.

You can see more photos like this in a gallery shot by Máté Petrány, our 2010 European intern, at the same show.

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