Westfield to Build Hybrid Se7en Kit

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Can a gas-electric hybrid powertrain translate into roadster hijinks? The cats at Westfield think it can. The makers of Lotus 7-style kit cars have teamed with the University of Warwick in the UK to produce a hybrid-drive version of the Westfield SEi. Since the announcement last week, the company's yet to release details, but we're holding out for a combination Hayabusa engine and the same high-torque motor (by AC Propulsion) as in George Clooney's Tango. Talk about cats in a bag.


[via 4Car]

Think Global, Drive Local: Westfield's Recycled Mazda Kit Car [internal]


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Al Navarro

Can't a Se7en post go by that I don't comment on? Sheesh fellas, I do have a day job (running a small ad agency that most definitely DID NOT do the new Ford Edge spot)!

I chose not to comment initially, because it's a bit of non-news, IMHO. Especially for us stateside. I read the press release at Westfield UK's site and there wasn't much meat to it. It's like it should have included a "this contains forward looking statements" disclaimer.

The funny thing is that most of my pals in the Se7en community (note that Se7en or LSiS - Lotus Seven inspired Sportscar - are commonly used to describle non Lotus or Caterham variants to avoid trademark infringement...I often use "Seven" because I happen to own a Cat) do all they can to run the smallest, lightest battery possible. So until battery/hybrid tech advances substantially, it will be a non-issue with the "add lightness crowd".

I think the Miata-donor car Westfield is much bigger news. The US distributor Manik, LLC hooked up with the Flyin Miata folks from Colorado - so I think the result will be fast, affordable, and infinitely mod-able. Se7ens for everyone!

Happy Holidays from the resident Se7en junkie.