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Some of us here at Jalopnik exist in the form of smokers. We're stupid, we know, but it is not our fault. To sorta-quote Dave Berry, "If the government was serious about stopping kids from smoking, they would eliminate the 10th grade." Somehow this all goes back to a night long ago during 10th grade. We were at a gas station and yelled at a girl we knew who was smoking while filling her car. She flipped us off, and told her stupid gang-banger boyfriend that we had called her a "dumb bitch" for puffing and pumping. There was some pushing and shoving though fists never flew. What that fine, upstanding member of the totally pathetic upper-middle class suburban gang Houston Hoods did not understand was that we didn't want the gas station to blow up and kill us. All of us, including his dumb bitch girlfriend. Yes, I talk smack about high school bullies on a blog. No, I don't LARP.


Gas station explosion kills 4, injures at least 9 [associated press]

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